They use sophisticated computer investigative techniques combined with undercover tactics to identify offenders.

They conducted surveillance operations, requested subpoenas, and wrote and executed dozens of search warrants.

Sirull made numerous skydiving jumps accompanied by his pet daschund which he strapped to his stomach during the dives.

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He has lived in Arizona and Florida and has traveled throughout the US.

He gained notoriety several years ago as the owner of Brutus the Skydiving Dog.

Tempe, Arizona, March 5, 2009Background Over the past decade, the ubiquitous proliferation of computers connected to the Internet led to a skyrocketing number of Internet crimes against children.

In the year 2008, the Arizona Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force recorded the following: During eight days in December 2008, Arizona ICAC undercover investigators found that in one narrow avenue of the Internet, 8,170 unlawful images were traced to various locations in Arizona involving 77 different cities throughout the state.

They interrogated offenders and interviewed witnesses. They conducted exhaustive searches of dwellings and wrote voluminous reports on their activities.

The Offenders All of the following suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law: These suspects were arrested and charged with violating Arizona State laws regarding the sexual exploitation of minors (child pornography).

Investigators from the Phoenix ICAC Task Force and FBI diligently worked on the case.

A search warrant was served at the business and computers were seized.

Phoenix, Arizona, March 25, 2008Sentenced: Ronald Bruce Sirull, age 50Maricopa County Superior Court: 17 years prison, lifetime probation, lifetime sex offender Agencies: Phoenix Police Department / Arizona Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, FBI, ICE, Maricopa County Attorney's Office In August 2007, after a two-month undercover investigation, Arizona Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force detectives arrested Ronald Bruce Sirull, a 50 year old packaging employee at a Phoenix Fed/Ex Kinkos for sexual exploitation of a minor (unlawful images), sexual conduct with a minor and possession of marijuana.

During the investigation Sirull arranged for and completed a “dead drop” of unlawful images in exchange for money with an undercover investigator of the Arizona ICAC Task Force.

Sirull’s vehicle was also seized for forfeiture because he used it to facilitate the offense.