They will change location from time to time and many don’t even have names so it can be hard to list where to go.

Or just noticing a new chongo when you roam around the city, checking out the girls, and trying them out if you see something you like.

While there isn’t a huge swingers scene in Lima there are some group sex clubs you could check out if interested.

Other areas to look would be at Polvoz Azules in La Victoria, close to the Cruz de sol bus station on Arriola, or Avenida Larco and Saint Martin.

Overall though your best chance to find hot freelance prostitutes is either at Mquisipa or around the Pizza Street nightlife area.

Rub n tugs are a booming industry all over the world and you can find many erotic massage spas in Lima.

Particularly in the touristy area around Miraflores there are many spas that will offer a happy ending.

Peru can be a very good country for foreign men to visit and finding girls for sex in Lima should not be hard.

Whether you want to be mongering with prostitutes or picking up non pro girls you should have plenty of options.

Before we mentioned that Pizza Street is the main nightlife area and there will probably be some hookers walking the street here.