These are obviously fake credit card numbers and cannot be used to buy anything.However, in some cases Netflix does not validate your card immediately so you can use their services with the free trial offer.

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You can also pick up Netflix gift cards from your local CVS, Walmart or Target.

Debit Card – many people forget that they can use their debit card to make purchases online, whether it be a physical item or a subscription to a service.

Some online users are very anxious about entering any type of banking information other than on their financial institution website.

You may be one of the many millions of people that feel this way.

Netflix Gift Card – not only do they make a nifty present for any occasion but they can also be used to watch Netflix entertainment without entering any type of financial information.

You can purchase these gift cards straight from Netflix or you can buy the gift subscription from Card Hub.

Now that you know the various solutions to sign up for Netflix without a credit it should be noted there are other forms of payment that aren’t accepted.

Visa gift cards cannot be used along with prepaid debit cards.

Paypal can also be used to buy a subscription to Netflix as well, but you may not know how to use Pay Pal.