"You like sucking my cock, don't you," Jaymee said between heavy breaths.Suddenly, Jaymee quickly pulled his cock out of my mouth and covered it as if he was tying to hide it. I saw two girls about twenty years old standing next to a dune watching us. I made eye contact with them and neither of them seemed particularly disturbed at what they were witnessing.

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As we continued between the dunes we stopped where we could no longer see the beach and were seemingly alone. Without a word I got on my knees and found myself eye level to Jaymee's cock.

I took it in my hand and guided its tip to my mouth.

I told her of the men who seemingly were not acquainted with each other who would meet and live their own sexual fantasies.

My friend said I should go to the beach with an open mind. This was fine by me because the entire scene was becoming surreal.

I finally found a level spot between a single man and two couples. The longer our conversation wen on the more I looked at Jaymee's nicely shaped penis. It was like he knew what my mission at the beach was that day.

I stretched my towel over the sand and began to remove my clothes. The conversation turned to how Jaymee was a swinger but his wife was not with him this day. "I really like your balls," Jaymee said as he looked at my crotch. Maybe that's why the entire scenario was odd to me. I told Jaymee about my fantasy and that I came to the beach today to see if I could turn my fantasy into reality. Before I knew it, Jaymee and I were walking along the beach toward the dunes.

I'm sure I was more aware of what the people were doing instead of being in awe over the various types of people that were there. I witnessed two guys looking at each other from a distance and signaling to each other by stroking their own penises which ultimately led to them getting up and walking to a dune behind which they would disappear.

I enjoyed watching these true stories being played out by others.

One night I was chatting with a Lush friend and we were discussing my fantasy of sucking a man's penis.