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The fact that the Thames Business Association continues to feature in this regard raises a number of process issues, not the least of which concerns the manner in which the matter was introduced into the 7 May Board meeting without any reference in the agenda, or in the 'late items' where it would normally be approved for consideration later in the meeting - a check of the minutes proves this to be the case.

It appeared to have been simply introduced during the course of the meeting, and no effort appears to have been made to correct the matter at today's meeting.

activities described as "Optimised CBD Experiences" - whatever that means.

This work is said to be a "key function of the Business Association," and therefore able to be neatly allocated without any need for consultation.

Here, it is repeated: This includes the 800m pier proposal to accommodate a 60-80 berth marina by an outfit called the Pier Trust. Any marina proposal, and even Gilbert James' remarkable marine facility in Coromandel town will need to be closely watched to ensure that Council involvement is purely supportive as outlined in the PR, and not financial under any circumstances.

The Whitianga Waterways experience, and lessons learnt should never be forgotten in the enthusiasm to get marine/marina facilities up and running.

It is pretty breath-taking in irs scope, and the costs overall falling back on our Council are likely to be substantial, regardless of the remarkable statement by our Mayor Goudie on costs.

This is the first time this has occurred since the proposals first came to light, and both she and her successors should be held to account to ensure that this is followed through.

This is a shambolic outcome for the ' that we were subjected to in 2016. The ,500 shortfall for the consultant to complete Phase One of the setup for the Business Association will be funded from the Thames Promotion budget - another little boondoggle that resulted from the great Leach devolvement experiment.

They will now no doubt come back in the new financial year to seek the remaining ,500 under some other transfer arrangement that again bypasses the consultation process.

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