When we originally wrote this tutorial we focused on Booyah, a free app for Android and i Phone that lets you make group video calls on Whats App with up to 12 people, provided they are all running the app.

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If you happen to close the application whilst the call is taking place, your video will freeze, but you’ll still be connected to your video call via voice call only.

As well as allowing you to make video calls on Whats App with single contacts, Booyah lets you hold group video calls with several of your friends.

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From Hip Chat to Highfive, some of the world’s leading Web RTC companies are using Jitsi as part of their product ecosystems. Because Jitsi Videobridge and the projects surrounding it are secure, reliable, lightweight and scalable.

In a blog post made back in October 2017, some Whats App screenshots (shown below) clearly show the video chat camera icon within a group chat.

We guess that either means it is in testing, or that someone went out of their way to Photoshop a screenshot for no reason.

La connexion par réseau Wi-Fi assure de meilleurs résultats, mais sans réseau à proximité, vous pouvez utiliser une connexion 4G.

Si le signal est faible, le bouton « Diffuser en direct » apparaîtra en grisé.

Once the app is installed, you’ll be able to directly video call any of your Whats App contacts through the app.