So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

One of life's pleasures is getting together with old school friends over a meal to reminisce about the old days, and to catch up on our lives-after-school.

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If you were a caribou with all that open space, would you hang out near roads?

In fact, the south east third of the island is referred to as The Barrens, and the central portion of the Avalon Peninsula has been designated The Avalon Wilderness Reserve to protect the most southerly caribou herd in Canada it covers more than 400 square miles.

Big Eggo the ostrich got up to all sort of unlikely antics on the cover page of the Beano while Korky the Kat risked at least one of his nine lives on the front of the Dandy.

During the war years these comics were published on alternate weeks in order to save paper.

The printed version lasted 75 years but the web version ended after only six months.

Today's Beano is nothing like the version that we grew up with.

Since we're spread all over the world now, it's not so easy to get together this is an attempt to create a poor substitute by publishing some of the stories we might tell. New contributions are always at the top you should begin reading from the bottom of the page since a few of the more recent tales refer to earlier ones. A reminder that when your cursor changes to a hand over words or photographs it's inviting you to click for further information.

The Avalon (see the map) is a large, almost-an-island, peninsula that makes up the southeast portion of the island of Newfoundland.

The landscape pattern consists of, usually stunted, almost pure stands of Balsam Fir, broken by extensive open heathland, ponds, rivers, and bogs.

So if you want to see the caribou, you really need to visit the Reserve (as you'll see from the map, I just drove all the way around it...) To do so, you are told that you should observe certain guidelines: obtain an entry permit let someone know your route and expected time of return travel light and leave no trace of your passage carefully plan your clothing, footwear, and equipment take a compass and appropriate ,000 topographic maps note that if you take a cell-phone, coverage will be spotty, though it is possible to make calls from some hilltops read and abide by the rules and regulations which are: Carry your entry permit (and other applicable permits) with you while in the reserve.

If it is a Dandy, hang on to it, it may become valuable!