Since then Alonso has missed out twice in 20, both times with Ferrari to Sebastian Vettel.

Although the new 2018 Mc Laren, powered by a Renault engine, is expected to be far more competitive than the Honda powered 2017 model, it is still a stretch to imagine Alonso challenging for the world title this year, even if he is expected to be far more competitive.

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Alonso’s presence at Daytona is not a guarantee of success; the category is very competitive and sources at Daytona have suggested that there are up to 14 crews that are capable of winning the race.

That said, when top class drivers go there they have tended to do well; Juan Pablo Montoya has won the event three times, for example.

“I have always wanted to challenge myself in other categories of motorsport, as this is what you need to become a better driver,” Alonso said on the eve of his Daytona debut.

“Going out of my comfort zone by taking part in such an iconic race as the Daytona 24 Hours is just amazing.” While the last few years have been lean for Alonso in Formula 1 – he hasn’t won a Grand Prix for almost five years – he has shown an admirable versatility in trying out other categories as he looks to a life after F1.

Today marks the start of three days of testing, dubbed the “roar before the 24”.

Alonso did an initial test late last year in Aragon Spain and also tested a Toyota LMP1 car, which is the hot favourite to win Le Mans 2018, as other main manufacturer rivals Porsche pulled out of the World Endurance Championship at the end of 2017.

What do you think he will achieve in F1 with Mc Laren this season?

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