But, as you can see it is becoming quite "Holy" due to one of siblings who has figured out how to pull Velcro.

I have a 65 pound German shepherd beagle mix who would always pull me then I bought the thunderleash no pull solution and the first day I used it I was amazed.

I used to spend every thunder storm and a lot of summer, due to fireworks all summer long, in the bathroom holding Ashleigh as she shivered.

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Zoe my dog didn't pull me or jump on anyone i enjoy walking her now if anyone has a dog that needs this i would recomened this . Julia J I am a veterinary technician and own a dog training facility in Ohio.

I have used many products over the years with varying degrees of success.

We also use them to calm dogs that are anxious during their exams, daycare or boarding.

We joke that a Thunder Shirt is a shirt that gives a hug, and our clients love them! My client received the Thunder Shirt this April and we had some pretty significant lightning storms soon thereafter.

Effectively what this means is that the dog doesn't make long term memories about the storm that let it learn that the storms are not dangerous.

In other words, every time a phobic dog encounters a fear producing storm it is as if the dog is experiencing a storm for the first time. So the Thunder Shirt has great potential to help these patients.

I was impressed with the Thunder Leash and its ability to help owners to control their dogs. Thunder Shirt is helpful in terms of making the trip to the Vet Hospital and while at the Clinic.

Particularly with elderly clients with big dogs, pulling is a huge issue and a reason that many dogs are rehomed. We have seen a positive effect here with cats that we put Thunder Shirt on.

Stokely and I drive 50 miles to and from work 5 days a week, plus we travel to and from Canada at least twice a year.