The farmer aims to maintain shed temperatures within this range, although in sheds of large birds towards the end of grow-out, the temperature may be reduced.

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An increasing number of chicken sheds in Australia have ‘tunnel ventilation’.

Tunnel ventilation sheds have fans at one end of the shed which draw air into the shed through cooling pads in the walls, over the chickens and out the fan end of the house at high speed.

The larger sheds can contain up to 60,000 broiler chickens. A typical new farm would house approximately 320,000 chickens, with eight sheds holding approximately 40,000 chickens/each.

Traditionally, broiler sheds in Australia have been ‘naturally ventilated’, with the sides of the shed open to fresh air.

The chickens have adequate lighting to see by and to find feed and water, with dark periods each day to allow them to rest.

The lighting provided is usually dimmer than natural lighting to promote calm.

Water lines run the length of the shed, with drinkers at regular intervals.

Water and feed are placed so that chickens are never more than about 2 metres from food and water.

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Shed temperature, humidity and air quality are checked and adjusted regularly, either manually by the farmer or automatically by computer controllers.