First up is Marco Beltrami's score for the sequel, x Xx: State of the Union.The movie is pure popcorn, over the top action but to me is way better than the first film.

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That goal was reached and exceeded on Saturday, when 95 of the 100 people who made up the AZGOP/Mc Cain08' Unity Slate were elected at the state convention.

Our Unity Slate was negotiated with the State Party Leadership and the state convention nominating committee to create a true unity slate.

Defiently the one thing that stands out from this film than the original, is Marco's score.

Marco wrote a great action score with alittle James Bond flavor added in.

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John Berger has followed the local entertainment scene for so many years.Here's his latest story that hit the newstands and internet today.Article URL: 1996-2007 The Honolulu Star-Bulletin | A special debt of gratitude and acknowledgement goes to Mike Hellon, Shiree Verdone, Joe Abate, Marcus Dell'Artino, Bettina Nava, Paul Hickman, Ann Lynch, Jane Lynch, Gary Hays, Donna Reagan , Cheryl Pietkiewicz, Tom Liddy, Travis Junion, Joan Shields, Mike Middleton, Laura French and Lisa Atkins.Although there definently is not enough slots to allow for everyone who deserves to serve as a delegate or alternate...While the score is not up to par with the Scream scores.