Each month a new pair of Pokémon is available, which appear to be the version exclusives that aren't available in that particular game (e.g.

Dialga is available natively in Ultra Sun but by event in Ultra Moon). Details for Dialga and Palkia have been announced - they are obtainable via a code from Game Stop stores (USA), EB Games (Canada), GAME (UK) or your usual large game retailer in your country.

For premium members, those social situations can get pretty steamy.

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Additional features apparently include integration with Pokémon GO as well as using the catching mechanic from GO of swiping to throw the PokéBall.

Today this was given additional evidence as the domains ) As we've mentioned before, the registration of a domain name does not prove anything but these are very specific.

Continue reading General News — 14 December, 2017 Exactly 17 years since Pokémon Crystal was originally released on Game Boy Color, Nintendo announced today that it's coming to the 3DS as a Virtual Console title.

This version has been slightly enhanced from the original.

This is a corporate domain registrar so it's very unlikely that someone other than Nintendo registered these domains - as opposed to for example which was also registered yesterday after the leak, but to an individual via public registrar Go Daddy.

Please remember, currently this is still unconfirmed - any of these details could be incorrect, for example being a spin-off game instead of a core game. General News — 05 February, 2018 New monthly events have been announced for the rest of this year, giving out legendary Pokémon!

Pokemon's characteristics can be changed using Power Stones.

The game is "free to start" and has in-app purchases for certain things. will be released on the Nintendo Switch on November 16th 2018.

Players explore a virtual town where they can participate in various activities, shop for clothes, visit a resort or party the night away.

Similar to titles like IMVU, the main focus of the game is to socialize rather than complete quests or run instances.

It includes Pokémon Bank compatibility, as with the other VC titles, but it will also include the ability to capture the mythical Pokémon Celebi (previously an event-only Pokémon).