They started dating after Coco told the rapper she wanted a nice guy and he quipped, "If you take the 'n' away from 'nice' you get 'ice,' baby." Kelis Was Married to Nas You'd think that a couple that buys a house in the suburbs for the sole purpose of having loud sex would make it, but unfortunately Kelis and Nas' marriage just didn't work out.

The pair divorced after four years together, with Kelis hinting that infidelity played a part in their rupture.

interesting." The relationship was never confirmed, but Cudi addressed the rumors in "Cudderisback," rapping, "Wanna get up in mind, wanna know about me and Amanda Bynes..." Eminem Maybe Dated Mariah Carey Eminem swears that he and Mariah Carey had something going once upon a time, despite her frequent denials.

In 2003 he appeared on the celebrity reality game show I’m a Celebrity… , and he also co-hosted the modeling contest Make Me a Supermodel.

In 2012 he participated in the dating game show The Choice.

Tyson was spotted dancing with model Berniece Burgos in a nightclub. Officially, there is no such information about Berniece Julien.

She is just known for the ex-wife of famous model Tyson Beckford.

Mariah Carey was once teased by the name of Tyson in Ellen show.

Mariah was felt uncomfortable when Ellen asked her whether she is dating Tyson Beckford according to Daily Mail. It is rumored that Berniece is an American entrepreneur.

Tyson Beckford Dated Foxy Brown Tyson Beckford and Foxy Brown made a very sexy pair in 2005.

The male model was even on hand for moral support at the press conference Brown held to announce her hearing loss, but apparently their affection was short-lived: He's been spending his time with stunner Shanina Shaik these days.

Beyonce Is Married to Jay-Z There's no one who can better understand the pressures of superstardom than Beyonce Knowles, which makes her the perfect pairing for Jay-Z, who has dominated the rap industry for decades.