But a bevy of new sites are looking to offer the granularity users are now craving. per month)Childhood friends and founders Brian Schechter and Aaron Schildkrout wanted to create a dating site that shifted the focus back to what’s really important -- the date.

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But at the end of the day, it is still undeniably a site to meet your next date," Davis told Fox That’s the idea behind Ignighter, which allows groups of friends to collaborate on a group profile. roots, Ignighter has become a huge hit in India where cultural restrictions inhibit traditional one-on-one dates. The startup launched at the Tech Crunch Disrupt conference in Sept.

The site then suggests a list of possible matches and helps arrange group outings. and is part of a new breed of mobile-centric dating apps. is attempting to bridge the gap between location-based gaming and romance," Davis said.

But if all that money can't buy them love, they may also need one of these; a smartphone with the free dating app called Luxy."Luxy is a dating platform, a mobile app that caters to the top 1% in terms of wealth and financial power, it's like a Tinder minus the poor people," said Shuster. Luxy screens out those less fortunate financially before clients go in search of that perfect fiscal and feeling match."Rather than going to these mass consumer dating apps that everybody can get into, it's a matter of exclusivity and a matter of matching up individuals who are looking for the same lifestyle," he said.

Darren Shuster flew in from Los Angeles to talk about the application he's the spokesperson because the CEO remains anonymous."We do get a certain amount of e-mails and feedback from people all over the world, who are angry because they can't get on this sort of exclusive dating site," said Shuster. "There is actually a formal process whereby individuals submit their tax records which are verified by a human going through each and every piece of paperwork that is submitted," he said.

The Internet has solved everything from dinner reservations to apartment hunting.

Now a new wave of innovative companies promising to solve your dating 2.0 needs.It seems the rich and famous, especially the rich, will do just about anything to find love, and that includes a new dating app.The service caters to those very well off financially, but who were left behind when it came to love."A lot of millionaires want something more exclusive than what is already out there," said Darren Shuster with Luxy.on Tuesday and talked about her romance with the rapper, who she dated in the early 2000s.In Fox's new book, there's a chapter dedicated to 50 Cent in which she rates sex with her ex as "PG-13."There's been rumors about the status of the duo's relationship over the years, so what's really going on between Fox and 50 cent now?For decades, the online dating scene was limited to a handful of trusty incumbents: think Match.com, Lava Life, e Harmony.