The form contains two textboxes and I'd expect the validating event to fire when the tab key is pressed in the first textbox, but it isn't.

I'm using Powershell V4.0, running under Windows 7 Professional SP1.

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For the sake of this example, you can ignore the labels.

This form is just a menu and a series of textboxes and labels.

If you used a Binding Source you could key off of those events which do not fire as often as dgv events.

Auto Size Columns Mode = Data Grid View Auto Size Columns Mode. Or how can I stop jumping to this event before the function has been processed to the end?

Dim ds As New Data Set Dim da As New Sql Data Adapter da. Tables(0) 'Sets MDI Parent(this form) data source of the Data Grid View "dgv Tarifa" from the first(0) indexed table of Data Set (ds).

Select Command = cmd1 ' Data Adapter(da) command selection is cmd2, which means selects all cells from the specific table declared above throughout SQL Connection "conn". Fill(ds, "SMDR_Tariff") 'Data Adapter(da) fills, adds or refreshes cells or rows in the Data Set(ds). Fiddle to demonstrate: Changing the combobox fires the events, changing the tagfield does not. This is enough for validation to be set up on the field – no further initialisation is necessary. "b Loading") and set it to true when you start Select Tariff and false when you are done. The only other thing that has worked for me it to define a public flag (e.g.I'm having real trouble getting the validating event to fire.