"We have been together for the past two years," said Adamson.

"Asta is trained specifically in explosives detection and attack, and she brings a tremendous amount of security to any detainee operation." "She is capable of reacting to situations where I might need assistance dealing with a suspected insurgent without me giving her a command," said Adamson.

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A cloud of tear gas had settled over Kalsu’s base from a previous mortar attack, in a move designed to get Americans out in the open. I pushed off this weight that was on top of me, and I realized it was Bob.”When he was drafted by the Bills in eighth round of the 1968 AFL Draft from the University of Oklahoma, he was away on his honeymoon.

In the sweltering heat and humidity, you could stay in your fortified bunker with a rubber gas mask on, or go outside for a breath of fresh air. At OU, Kalsu had been in the ROTC, and other teams were leery of his military commitment in the middle of the Vietnam conflict.

He started nine games, and Bills Hall of Fame guard Billy Shaw kept a careful eye on the rookie.

Shaw wasn’t worried about Kalsu slacking off, partying, or not taking his job seriously, though. He was watching Kalsu because the 29-year-old Shaw thought Kalsu was going to take his job.

At home in Oklahoma City, his wife, Jan Kalsu, gave birth to his son, James Robert Kalsu Jr., on July 23. Kalsu was informed of her husband’s death only hours later.

Kalsu was the only recently active professional football player to lose his life in the Vietnam War.

In 1978, the team gave the Pro Football Hall of Fame a plaque to commemorate Kalsu’s sacrifice.

Thirty years after Kalsu died half a world away, the team added his name to the Wall of Fame at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Honors FOB Kalsu in Babil, Iraq, was named after him.