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Old Faithful Fat loss shows in Yellowstone National Park. Inside the 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales' Premiere. Extreme weight loss can be dangerous to your health as well as difficult to maintain. Weight loss can take years of effort, she points out. RELATED: 10 Exercise Cheats That Blow Your Calorie Burn But is this too extreme? It wasn't you Mama! Fat loss shows Gaffigan: Laughter is best medicine for wife after brain surgery.

Starving herself then fat loss shows on Cool Whip and Graham crackers; shifting her weight to trick the scale; even disguising herself and going through McDonald's Drive-Thru - these are the kinds of self-sabotage behaviors "Ruby," the hit weight-loss reality show that ran from towas supposed to be an antidote to.

For four seasons, "Ruby," which aired on the Style Network, followed Gettinger's every move as she struggled to go from more than pounds to Her bubbly personality won hundreds of thousands of fans, who cheered her on through achievements like driving, riding a bike and swimming. With the show came counselors, a nutrition plan, trainers - all working toward the goal: pounds.

She didn't quite get tobut after season one, she was atalmost pounds less than where she began. In the second season, while having some personal setbacks, she still managed to pull out a new low, At the start of season three, Ruby was arguably one of the most documented stories of obesity and weight loss in America. While the show brought fat loss shows a celebrity high, the pressure to keep losing was bringing her fat loss shows, causing stress and meltdowns.

Tennie McCarty, who was a counselor on "Ruby," runs Shades of Hope, a treatment center for those with eating disorders. She said food addiction is not only real - it can be even worse than alcohol and drugs. I literally did not eat for four days because I knew I had to weigh. But it was almost like just that one bit triggers something in me. I'd get a washcloth and dust them off. I didn't want people to think, 'She's not using her equipment. But the numbers on the scale couldn't lie, so Gettinger devised a way to deceive the scale, the show and the fans rooting for her.

The show's producers weren't fooled and sent Gettinger to a weight-loss camp to restore her motivation. Nothing worked, and "Ruby" was cancelled, leaving fans wondering what happened. She said she blamed herself for the show's end and for "letting so many people down. Soon after the show ended, Gettinger's brother died. She lay in bed, depressed and eating, she said. She gained 50 pounds, taking her back almost to It's not about the show; it's not about anything else.

I got to finish this for me. It felt like she gets it, she wants to do it on her own. Gettinger has named her new campaign Ruby's Challengeand has a website to encourage fans to watch her progress and join themselves. She is back in the gym regularly and eating right, and has worked her weight down to What Would You Do? Live at 'Pandora: The World of Avatar'. Soon: Democratic leadership hold news conference. Venezuelans protest controversial national assembly plan. Senate debates deputy secretary of state nominee.

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TLC Mixes Weight Loss, Romantic Confessions in New Series 'Fat Chance'

June Shannon's new show, "Mama June: From Not to Hot" premiered Friday night on WeTV and fans on Twitter were theorizing that Mama June actually lost the weight. Video embedded  · New ABC reality show takes a long-term approach to weight loss with a year-long project that follows the extreme weight-loss battles of eight particpants. Watch the official Extreme Weight Loss online at moscowtorex.ru Get exclusive videos and free episodes.

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