Canterbury Royale hopes that you enjoy your experience... Enjoying the best from Lyon, Paris, Bretagne, Normandy, Alsace, Aquitaine, Champagne, Bourgogne the Provence and more...The courses at Canterbury Royale are Chef's choice... From the wonderful surroundings, the gracious welcome, the holiday festive decorated room, to amazing culinary delights, words cannot capture how wonderful the evening was at this truly spectacular restaurant in the most unusual place.From the amazing soup, the exquisite hand rolled croissants, lobster Thermidor and rack of lamb, the food was just perfect.

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Every course was fantastic I'd need about five pages to do the review for Canterbury Royale justice. The appetizers are a bit filling so save your appetite for the main course!

We (myself, my husband, and my mother) had such a lovely evening here. We were a party of 8 and they handled every detail with apparent ease.

Thank you to two beautiful people who could be rocking it in the city and choose to share their experience and creative culinary genius in rural Maine in a beautiful atmosphere. We enjoyed ourselves so much on our anniversary that we decided to celebrate my husbands birthday here as well. Again the wife and I went to the Canterbury Royale, this time for our 21st anniversary. I say there is no place that will outdo Barb, and Renee for service, and taste.

It has even been featured on Bill Green's Maine.“This is one of the (if not THE) greatest dining experiences I have ever had.

The service was terrific and the Chefs were delightful Having just moved from Ohio I was searching for a place my wife and I could celebrate our anniversary.

When I found out about Canterbury I new we would be starting a new tradition but I had no idea that it would be the best meal either of us has ever had. We were absolutely impressed with every aspect of our dining experience including the decor, exceptional service, attention to detail and most of all of course the incredibly delicious food.Don't go here unless you want to be pampered and to taste new and different flavours that will make you feel alive again.This is absolutely the place to go for a romantic dinner, or an evening out with friends.The home made breads, particularly the olive bread, is amazing.We we're eight in our party and everyone without exception would return. Pear with spring greens, cashews, pine nuts and Blue Cheese, Delicious Exceptionally well prepared five course meal. A touch of classic European taste in northern Maine.Canterbury Royale offers course dining allowing guests to sample many dishes from France...