"I support Jack in his bid to be First Minister, but the price is high on me and my family.

So, we have decided now to speak publicly about the fact that Jack betrayed my trust seven years ago by having an affair."It goes without saying he hurt everyone involved.

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Last night it emerged that Mr Mc Connell had not been challenged for the leadership when the closing time for nominations passed without any other Labour MSPs securing enough support to stand against him.

Mrs Mc Connell earlier said: "Some recent comments have by implication portrayed a marriage and a family life that I, our children, our large extended family and our many, many friends do not recognise.

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The resolution of this crisis in our marriage remains a private issue."Mr Mc Connell declined to take questions that could lead to identification of his former mistress, but it is common knowledge among those on the Scottish political scene that in 1994 he was involved with a Labour Party press officer called Maureen Smith.

She has since changed jobs and is now working for a higher education quango.

Mr Mc Connell was confirmed as the only leadership candidate last night after earlier making his confession with the support of his wife, Bridget, who read a dignified statement at a crowded press conference.