Some women experience fluid buildup in their abdomen.

There’s also the emotional stuff: you want it work, and hope it works, and you just dropped all this coin on a debatably reliable backup, so if it doesn’t work, that sucks. If you’re in the early dating and the idea of ever having a family comes up, will it make you feel weird or relieved to know she’s already thought ahead enough to have it potentially covered?

At the end of this process, the eggs will be retrieved under anesthesia via a needle inserted into her vagina.

You never know what you’ll get when you try to date a human woman these days: maybe she will turn out to be a casual witch, or really into hot yoga, or she’ll just happen to be in the process of freezing her eggs.

We can’t help with the first two in this piece, but the latter is fairly easy to get your head around. In a way, dating a woman who is freezing her eggs is like dating a superhero, if by superhero you mean a rich woman with excellent foresight.

That could be because she just isn’t ready to procreate now, hasn’t met the right person, isn’t sure she wants to at all but wants to keep the options open, or knows she wants to finish her degree or hit some career milestones first before getting knocked up.

If you’re a little further into the relationship with this woman, she may be doing it because she wants to have a baby with you, but you aren’t ready now, or may never be. Having control over your reproductive system is hella feminist.

Choosing precisely when you want a baby is about as empowering as it gets, assuming it works. Recently, equipment malfunctions and egg loss at two egg-freezing facilities pissed a lot of people off, so there’s that risk.

It’s also hard to know how successful the procedure is, because out of some 20,000 women who’ve had eggs frozen at this point, some 85 percent reported.

A quarter of women in one survey said it made them feel “more relaxed, focused, and less desperate, with more time to find the right partner.” The same women said the men they dated overwhelmingly met the news with a supportive and positive response. If nothing else, it means when you’re hanging out and dating, you can just take the time to figure out if you like this rich sensible woman, without any sense of rushing it because she or you feels, biologically, culturally, or otherwise, like time is running out.

So if the woman you’re across from at drinks tonight reveals she’s thinking about freezing her eggs, has frozen them, or will be soon, make like a frozen egg and chill out, be cool, don’t say anything insensitive, and take it slow.

Later, if she decides to use them, they’ll be thawed out. But about 75 percent of women who freeze their eggs do so because they aren’t with a partner at all, or they aren’t with a partner who wants a baby, or they aren’t with a partner who wants a baby right now.