You’re tired from your active and fulfilling work life, and you’re tired of the glances you receive when people hear you’re still single.But, most of all, you’re tired of going on bad dates.For the intelligent and independent woman seeking a man of equal stature to stand by her, Evan Marc Katz has some advice — be the CEO of your love life.

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In his straightforward yet compassionate approach, Evan said he tries to describe actions as effective versus ineffective — rather than right versus wrong.

He’s worked to reverse engineer what worked effectively for him to find the long-lasting love he was searching for so he can help others find love, too. It’s a constant process of learning and exploration so you can make better relationship choices over time,” Evan said.

He realized there was more success for those who most wanted and best implemented his advice, so he’s been exclusively a women’s dating coach ever since.

Evan describes his clients as the kind of women who “have everything but the guy.” Most are between ages 35 and 50, with 70% having earned a college degree.

Years of bad dates had skewed the way they perceived men and relationships.

In 2015, Evan launched Love U, a six-month video course that walks women through the process of building confidence so they can find the lasting love they want and deserve.“There’s an evolution between each boyfriend to get you closer and closer to your destination.” As a self-proclaimed “personal trainer for love,” his process helps women gain the tools they need to be better, more effective daters.Over the years, Evan has picked up on a few trends among some of his readers and clients.Love U is a six-month video curriculum that includes 30 minutes of content every week.Each month the course introduces a new topic — Confidence, Meeting Men, Dating, Understanding Men, Relationships, and Commitment — which Evan describes as “everything one needs to know to make healthy relationship choices and find the love you deserve.” Reviews of the Love U program applaud Evan’s ability to provide a reality check, a male perspective, and judgment-free advice.He has seen it firsthand in his own life when, after 300 or so dates, he found his wife, a woman he describes as his North Star, and it was a completely different relationship than what he had previously experienced.