, there are plenty of rules to follow from the moment you receive that carefully-crafted invitation in the mail. "Probably the worst faux pas, I think ever, is for someone to wear white at a wedding," says Monn.

The same is true for the best man."It's much more about emotional support and not adding any of your drama into the bride's day," Monn says. Nowadays, however, guest lists include co-workers, extended family members, and friends of the couples' parents.

This can make it difficult to narrow down the number of attendees.

While your social media page might be the perfect place to document your life and everything going on around you, you might want to think twice before posting at a wedding.

Many couples consider the ceremony to be a private event for the people they've chosen to invite—not to mention, having guests with their i Phones in the air can be an eye sore in the couple's professional wedding photos.

But when it comes to the reception, most couples prefer an adults-only affair.

"I know almost no one who invites children to a wedding," Monn says.In order to make planning your guest list a little easier, Monn recommends creating some guidelines."If the person does not know both the bride and the groom as a couple, then you might consider leaving them off," says Monn.Otherwise, making sure the gift is thoughtful and personal. Do you need to buy a separate gift for the engagement party?While an engagement gift is always appreciated, it's not a requirement, according to Monn.As the bride or groom, it's important to look at every guest individually as if they are the most important person at the wedding, not yourself, according to Monn.