It has FF V3.0.4 and the only way to upgrade to the latest version is a fresh install.

eee pc updating firefox-19eee pc updating firefox-2

If you're using Xandros (the Linux that comes with the Eee PC), press Control-Alt-T and then paste in the command kdesu synaptic I used Using a simple script from the EEEuser website Aysiu posted..

for some bizzare reason I was trying it the harder way using the advanced method (I hadn't seen my netbook model listed in the easy bit) I now have FIREFOX 3!!

I've tried other distros but since this boots and shuts down faster then anything I have tried and I just use it for browsing I'd like to keep this O/S.

Thanks but I think I'll leave well enough alone, it is at least working.

You can stick it on a usb and give it a go to see what you think first.

The cost factor plays an important role in the netbook development process.

IT IS ALSO VITAL YOU CLOSE ALL OTHER INSTANCES OF FIREFOX BEFORE YOU INITIALISE THE SCRIPT BELOW One problem has been noted after this installation method has been completed and an icon has been created via launch tools.

Firefox3 appears to run successfully via the terminal but not without errors being reported to the terminal window.

This entry needs to be added to the existing script file called firefox3e, it is a slight deviation from the original wiki but then our package was expanded to a different location.