The Full Stack Flex program combines an in-depth, project-based approach with two one-on-one sessions every week.

This program is built to land beginners their first full time web developer job - at a flexible pace and without having to quit your current job!

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You’ll graduate with a full portfolio and a fully-stacked Git Hub profile.

Even if you’ve literally never coded a single line you can take the course and become a beginner frontend developer.

Thinkful’s flagship programs are the 5-month Engineering Immersion, the Full Stack Flexible program, and the Data Science Flexible program.

All courses include personal mentor meetings, a custom-built curriculum, and daily mentor-hosted Q&A sessions with industry professionals.

Recipients receive $100 off each month they're enrolled.

Scholarships cannot be combined with each other or other discounts.

In this fully online program you'll work side-by-side with a professional data scientist to learn Analysis and experiment design, Predictive modeling, classification techniques, or customer types via unsupervised learning.

Your mentor will customize each phase of the course, so you can learn what works best for your goals.

The Data Science Flexible program is the only course with strict admissions requirements.

Thinkful offers all students career guidance to navigate the job market, build a professional portfolio, and prepare for interviews.

All graduates receive lifetime access to the course curriculum.