There’s is a world of moonlight flits, shoeless children and gin at a penny a pop.

It’s ancient history to many readers, though for some of us only a generation or two away.

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One of the most striking inclusions is a map of the East End, circa 1920, showing the areas of London with and without electricity.

The East End (and Bermondsey south of the river) stand out among a sea of switched-on areas, including the City, Greenwich and the Borough.

In addition, entities such as Research Establishments, SMEs, Industries and Universities are welcome to join the EASN.

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è not forget: Do In Member States with less developed aeronautics industry, Universities and SME are key players in Aeronautics.

EASN Workshop – Brno, Czech Republic, 27 -28 January 2003 - 3 European Aeronautics Science Network The Role of Universities in the Technology Supply Chain Universities should: è educate and supply timely qualified engineers for the aviation sector è perform fundamental and applied research è contribute to the long term strategic advantage of the European Aeronautics industry over their competitors through education and research EASN Workshop – Brno, Czech Republic, 27 -28 January 2003 - 4 European Aeronautics Science Network Constrains for Universities • Signs that Universities have difficulties to recruit enough young people to study aeronautics (especially for higher degrees) è aeronautics attracts usually high level students.

They may have only been in the queue — nonetheless the contrast is striking. Around Stepney and Whitechapel, most families were crammed into once-grand houses that by the early years of the 20th century had been subdivided and sublet many times.

And this of course was the engine of London’s economy, the docks both north and south of the river. For most East Enders, ‘home’ was a set of rooms rather than a building, and families tended to be loyal to their area rather than sentimental about houses. Was about 40 of us in there.’ And if rents were low, there were greater savings to be made by cramming extra people in.

European Aeronautics Science Network Technology Supply Chain in Aeronautics – The Role of Universities and SME Prof.