I can get the old values, but not the changed values.

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Find Control("Kurum Logo Path FUU"), File Upload) Dim My Path As String = Server.

Map Path("~/images/kurum/") Dim f Name As String = fu.

When using the built-in inserting, editing, or deleting features of the Grid View, Details View, or Form View controls, a variety of steps transpire when the end user completes the process of adding a new record or updating or deleting an existing record. Count = 0 Then Return False End If Dim product As Northwind.

_ Public Function Update Product(product Name As String, _ unit Price As Nullable(Of Decimal), product ID As Integer) _ As Boolean Dim products As Northwind.

I want to update a table based upon when the values in the gridview are edited. New Values to get the new values but the values are all null.(Even though the new numbers have been updated). Old Values, the original values are there as they come across from the stored procedure. with this code: Unfortunately, I do need the columns dynamically. I can access the original values, but I cannot get to the new values I change in the edit textboxes. -Joe Hi ecbruck My db table has the product number, Retailer, and the date as the compound key. Controls(0) 'Not sure whether index is correct in your case, you can set a breakpoint here to test 't.

The stored proc is actually a crosstab/piviot generator, and I am stuck with using this because of the format of the data. I get the Retailer from the drop down list on the page, I get the Product number by using the key which I set manually (this is always column 1). ecbruck , Thanks for the idea, When I tried it as posted, I get this error: Exception Details: System. Text to find the input data and manually assign it to e.

In my model I specifically set the nullable property to true and the column in the database is Nullable, but when I try to save a null value, the system will not save it.

Here are snippets of my code: entity Data Source: e.

Hello all, My problem is the Grid View Update Event Args.