If I could help you Financially I would, but I can't. And this does not help for real men and women that are looking for a connection with someone. I'm a Nigerian and a good citizen who don't engage in such act. After one chat session he gave me his gmail: [email protected] I soon got a reply asking me to go to g mail because they charge me much for txting here and it will be good for us to know each other more and more...

We are fighting the crime here even anyone caught in such act is jailed but they don't keep off from been a scam. Claiming he was architect in NYC widowed with a 7yrs old boy. she was deep in love with me at the third or fourth message and all i could reply was "that is very sweet dear, but how can you love some one that you do not know? she looked 19-25 profile said 48 hahahahaha woo hoo weeeeeeeeee. yep, sent same txt as to the other one , got the same reply,,, contact me at g mail they charge me much for txt here... I looked a little at other scam sites and one said that there are no executives or models stranded in Nigeria.. And then again asked me to get on messenger to talk. Then stupid thing is, I got on here and searched his name to talk, and that's when I saw all the stories.

Bribes are even paid to members of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), which is tasked by the Nigerian government with stamping out 419 scams.

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I dont want to lose Him and i dont want to lose you as well PM knightjay01: Honey, I would need your Help here. PM knightjay01: Mylove how much can you help me with and lets see if the will start surgery and I will pay you back CCCCxxxxxxx: I feel bad... Oh and when I told him he should talk to his mother about doing this for him since we did not know each other that well, she is now sick and in the hospital. Three days later he sent me a 3 page letter decribing his dream of us making love and then sent another email saying he had bad news. After 2 weeks of romantic sayings about you are beautiful, god sent us together, hunnie I want a wife so much, love craziness, baby boo angel face, - all so much garbage. I am a construction worker but can't cash my cheque in Nigeria and my air ticket expired. He kept texting me for months asking for money until I finally changed my number. Well, I saw a heading that said TXT ME 5555555555 I used 5s here as example....

I am really scared here and I want you to Try as much as you can to save my dad, Please you need to Help me soon as the surgery is been done I would come back to state PM CCCCxxxxxxx: I am not going any where. This is just sad that people have nothing better to do than to play with peoples emotions and hearts. "I need to pay $8000 in tax to sign contract" He only had $6950. At this time he was telling me "I love you" on the phone and in the last 3 emails. When I confronted him about doing a skype session so that I knew he was real. I want to meet you in person so could you send me $2000. There were excuses and lies about living on the street and having no money. I am glad I never fell into that trap so women beware as these romance scammers will do anything or say anything to con you. so I sent a txt that said hello and said I am txting you as you requested...

That same day, he asked me to log on to Yahoo Messenger and add him so we could talk. I have Changed the color of the text on the parts were he was asking for money and telling me where to send it. She got angry and told me if I didn't give my husband to her she would kill me A Dr. He asked me to please buy him a Vanilla card from Walmart or Target. Sadly I was AGAIN asked to purchase a $100 i Tunes card by a "DAVID". Because he could not bring it back on the plane and that he would share it with me. I did some checking into this the next day and then I sent him an email that this was a scam and that I was going to report him to the Army Investigators, and that he would not get any money from me. 2015 Please if someone is telling you god sent us here to meet. Then when he arrived said he can't work cause he has to pay taxes and they closed the site. Conversations were always I love you, looking for a wife, my love, ok babe. when I confronted him he says his profile was created by a friend when he was in Illinois for work.

He is really slick and will tell you everything you want to hear. I do the 200 for your daughter, but I cant do the 750. I thought for sure that I would not hear from him again, but he sent me a email all mad at me saying he didn't ask me for money and to move on. And the emails were not pushy until the last two days. Lucky I have a friend who is from Nigeria as not all of them are bad people.

In some senses, Aransiola reveals the Yahoo Boys to be much as expected.

They tend to be in their 20s and, since the scams often require computer skills, have an undergraduate education.Contact: knightjay01 Recent contacts: IM Feb 11, 2012 PM"Because of max letters I have to omit part of the coversation" PM knightjay01: Honey tammy gifts cost 200buck and you can get it here via western union PM CCCCxxxxxxx: hmm. I hope this causes you not to want to see me or email me. I amsorry.*************************************CCCCxxxxxxx: I am... I am never going to have enough to help you very much.. I replied and told him that really you didn't ask for money and sent him a snap shot of the conversation of him asking me for the money, and never heard from him again. He said they have a pay as you work program for tax not all at once. Please be careful he will say his name is Fred Kelvin Smith 49. I really don't think I need to get in to details here because they are just one in the same.are you wanting me to give you the money because you can’t access yours and you will give it back to me, or are you wanting me to buy it from me? honest to god I cant PM knightjay01: All I need is 750 so that the surgery can be done PM CCCCxxxxxxx: have you tried to talk to your bank at all? were are you going to get the rest of the money, Have you thought about calling your bank on Monday PM knightjay01: Honey even if i call them it will not be unfroze till they see me face to face********************************************knightjay01: Am not a citizen here , I want to give you the name of a nurse here knightjay01: Mylove here is the nurse information PM knightjay01: Natalie Morales PM knightjay01: Address : 10 abioudun street PM knightjay01: city : Somolu PM knightjay01: Zipcode : 2340 PM knightjay01: State : Lagos PM knightjay01: Country : NIGERIA PM knightjay01: Ok babe ,how much should i be expecting my love PM He sent me two pictures that I can't unload. His name that he went by was John K Lucero, not sure if that is just a name he used from someone or if that is his real name. When he couldn't get me to send 0 he had the nerve to say send whatever you have in your wallet not less than 0.00! Except no request for money as I caught on fast enough. Ironically by two "women" at the same time, both saying that God had brought us together etc. Both sent pictures of attractive, but younger looking than profile stated, through my yahoo email and through chat.Then came the i love you more and more we are meant to be together blah blah blah... The sweetheart swindle scam, also known as the Nigerian romance scam is one that focuses on manipulating the emotions of a person who is seeking love online.Cause i didn't spend that much money on my boys for valentine’s day. One he is sitting on a brown couch taken at an angle. Oh and the middle initial stands for "King" because his dad is/was the King of Greece. All of a sudden he had to go to Nigeria for business. Thank goodness there are still smart men and women out there. However, if there really is a man like that out there for me send my way okay...lmao! Several times during the chat they would state what they were looking for in a partner.