NBA star Dwyane Wade proposed to girlfriend Gabrielle Union, but he did not do it alone.After dating for four years, the 31-year-old enlisted the help of his two sons, Zion and Zaire, and his nephew, Dahveon, to help with the special moment.

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She says Union is "inflicting emotional distress" by her actions.

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[From People] Do you think this “brief breakup” angle is an after-the-fact cover-up that Wade and Union organized once they found out Wade had fathered this third son? It also feels like he might have more kids out there that he’s left unacknowledged.

Plus, there was a lot of reporting on the urban blogs this past summer that Dwyane had knocked up his “side chick” and Gabrielle knew all about it at the time. at least he’s acknowledging this kid and I’m assuming he’s going to spend time with his son and financially support him.

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union just got engaged a week ago.

I thought they had been “together” for four years or so, which was when there was all of the shadiness about Wade leaving his wife and getting with Gaby and how there was probably/definitely some overlap between those relationships.“I know she’s simple, but at the same time, I just wanted the rock to kind of speak for itself and not do too much with the diamonds. Some teammates were also surprised by the news, which became public Saturday night when the couple turned to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to make the announcements. For them to be at one now and for their whole family to come together, man, I think it’s amazing. Wade and Union showed off the ring at a team Christmas party a few hours after the proposal, and fellow Heat star Le Bron James said he knew for a while that the big day was coming.“It took a lot for him to do it,” said James, a four-time NBA MVP and a longtime friend of Wade’s. The actress, 41, was aware of the child before she accepted the Miami Heat guard’s proposal on Dec.21, a source tells the show, and the pair have worked through the issue privately.Her flowy white drawstring pants showed off her enviable figure and featured a tropical green print.