Can someone help me understand whose father is the song talking about? Or seldom is each individual band member's name is known.

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I know that if I am to stand before people and speak, that I will be a symbol for them, but I’m not yet capable of doing what is right.

If I could, I would find someone who was able to see the beauty of creation through the chaos of reality and learn from them (like a Picasso), if I could do that I would stand up in front of God and everyone and play that “guitar”, while still remembering my own imperfection.

I once again beg God to believe in me, because I still don’t truly believe in the freedom of Christ (as evidenced by my continuing failure to give Him the credit for my blessings), and I want to be someone that people can believe in.

Jesus and I walk through the dirty streets of the “bario” together, we are still staring at the beautiful women, but now I finally see that they are perfect for Christ, and I know that there has to be someone right for me.

I paint the picture of my life, I paint myself in blue (sadness) and red (anger) and black (darkness, evil potential) and gray (potential for good, flawed by my sinful nature).

I know that all of those things are necessary for my growth in life, and are therefore meaningful and beautiful, but gray (my potential for good) is my favorite aspect of myself. Jones and me stare into the future and tell each other fairytales. Obiviously it has a spiritual or metaphysical sense with the lyrics Mr.Jesus and I walk together and talk about the things I think I believe (fairy tales), and we stare at the beautiful women, He at their spirits, I at their bodies.My instinct tells me they’re looking at Him, but my arrogance says “no, no- they’re looking at me.” I stare into the lights coming in from two different directions (the physical lights of worldly things, and the spiritual light of the Truth of God), I know that when everyone loves “you” (Christ) no one will ever be lonely again.We all want to be great- we just don’t know how to get it, or even why we want it, but when I become like Christ, and everyone loves me, I’ll finally be as happy as I can be. I hope this interpretation doesn’t offend anyone- I do not intend that.