My name is Dan Coy, from Atlanta, Georgia, occupation: jazz guitarist, a former competitive cyclist with State and National titles, husband, father, grandfather, brother, and dog-lover.I enjoy photography, cooking, drawing, running, camping, hiking, and lots of other wacky stuff. I'm a student at Bowling Green State University studying creative writing and sociology.

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I hope to meet some if not all of you along with way and hear your stories as well.

I'm an 2018 Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker starting March 29th-ish.

Favorite Book(s): Odyssey by Homer, Ecotopia by Callenbach, and Into The Wild by Krakauer. I am spoiled and get to live in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee.

I'm planning on starting my 2018 thru-hike on March 15th. I am a pediatric nurse, wife, twin, aunt, planner, encourager and lover of all things outdoors! mainly because of their affinity for me.) Looking forward to a flip flop hike with my hubby this May! I grew up in southern New Hampshire taking summer car-camping trips with my family to the Whites, gazing out the back window at their massive stature and dreaming of sitting at the top of them.

Hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2014, excited to get back on the path! You may know me personally and have arrived at this blog hoping to keep up to date on my thru-hike or you happened upon my blog randomly because you 1) have an interest in the Appalachian Trail or 2) mistyped a google query and wound up clicking my link out of curiosity. My wife, Lauren, and I are two relatively young (30’s) outdoor enthusiasts who, two years ago, decided to take on the Appalachian Trail.

Since then, we’ve done everything within our means to make it a reality.

Over the past three years, I've spent most of my time road-tripping around the United States—focused on visiting National Parks/Forests.

Favorite National Park & Sea-Shore: Glacier Lake National Park and Padre Island National Sea-Shore.

Join me for some general trip preparation, training hikes, highfalutin' philosophical musings, bear stories, and more. I grew up in Vermont, hiking and snowboarding in the Green Mountains.