She gave me the best tool: a different perspective on birthing. All of this plus the knowledge and experience I knew she possessed (assisting at 600 births! At 40 weeks and 2 days my midwife told me I had to go to the hospital to get induced because my water broke, but labour had not started.

Even if going to the hospital or getting induced were two things I did not really want, I did not let this bring me down. She came super quickly and I was instantly relieved.

I know she did all sorts of other things I didn’t notice too. I know that Pia had a big part in the way it went and the way I felt and still fell.

I like to be in control and knowing as much as I can.

Not knowing what the experience of giving birth would be like (for me) made me extremely nervous.

I know that this trust I had in her is what kept the fear away.

I remember some things she told me that were said at the perfect time. She brought some oil/cream to massage my feet, her TENS machine, made sure I kept hydrated, dimmed the lights, and even put battery operated tea light candles on the side of the tub.

We live in a society where birthing has mostly been taken over by the medical field.

It has cast a shadow over the power we have as women and made us afraid of the process. When a woman repeatedly absorbs the idea that giving birth is very painful and must be medically managed, it becomes true.The Hypno Birthing® class that Pia teaches mostly helped me get in touch with reality, taught me to relax and made me more confident about birthing.Pia exposed me to beautiful birthing stories (now I’m telling everyone to read the Ina May books), and shared her knowledge. During a class I asked Pia if she was available to be my doula and I got lucky because she was.I was able to ask for extra information and weigh the risks (induction versus no induction). Pia was on standby because I called her to let her know I was asked to go to the hospital to be induced. First, I could tell that my midwife and Pia would make a great team – they knew each other and appreciated each other’s work. Second, I knew I now had someone who could properly assist me.So essentially, the decision to go to the hospital and get induced was mine. I took charge of my birthing experience, just like Pia had shown me. I got induced at a.m., started feeling surges at 1 p.m. I could feel that Pia was relaxed and not alarmed or worried for me.Her knowledge on natural pain management coupled with Hypno Birthing® allowed me to have a natural birth in a hospital setting, despite having to be induced. I was able to create the birth I had dreamed of despite the induction.