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You never have sex with a patient or former patient.** Full stop.*The official position of every professional medical association that has a position on this topic is that patients are permanently off-limits to physicians, even many years years after the last clinical encounter. Even years down the line, that differential is never quite leveled.*In the wake of some high-profile cases of sexual assault and other sexual impropriety by physicians, it’s best for physicians to simply view their patients as “permanently out-of-bounds.”*A few other posters in this thread have told stories about being on the other side of such an arrangement. These ethical guidelines exist for a reason.*There are a huge number of other consenting adults in the world.

This was even a question on one of my USMLE exams.*There is a power differential. You are free to pursue any of them.*For pediatricians, patients are obviously off-limits, but so are their parents/guardians.*My personal opinion: If you are not capable of following this guideline, you probably should not be a physician.

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