Finally, there seems to be a growing concern about this old wiring from the homeowners insurance companies.I have found one that will not write a policy if there is more than a certain percentage of knob and tube wiring still in use and several will not offer coverage unless it is all replaced.

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Many of our customers are making their own creative knobs and pulls and some have even gone into business making their own hardware!

See all the knob making possibilities by checking out some of the small businesses using our bases to create awesome custom cabinet knobs!

When additional branches or fixtures are added, the fuses protecting the old circuits are likely to blow frequently.

Installing larger fuses is an easy, but unsafe, solution.

Dear Home Inspector: Our home inspector recommended replacing the knob and tube wiring in our home.

But my father-in-law says there's nothing wrong with leaving it alone. CTA When installed correctly knob and tube wiring was, in some ways, superior to current wiring practices.minus the oil rubbed bronze hardware to match the rest of my knobs. I bought a can of spray paint in a gorgeous, metallic oil rubbed bronze colour and sprayed the knobs.It worked like a charm and now I have the knobs I’ve dreamed of on my little powder room for the fraction of the cost of “real” ones.Don’t you love antique crystal door knobs on old shaker doors? We lived in an old farmhouse when I was about 9 years old that had door knobs like this, and I remember loving them even then.I wanted a crystal knob on our downstairs powder room in Our DIY House.Unfortunately, this system is rarely intact after 80 or so years of use.