In most classification cases, splitting it into individual words is most effective.

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While there are some instances, (like names “”) where you may lose context, lowercasing tokens are a simple and effective way of ensuring that the input fits a universal data format.

Similar to lowercasing words, punctuations are often superfluous and prevents a machine from recognizing the same words.

your just, too annoying, ive found a new, better prettier girl. sorry, its best if we dont talk anymore" .....the smile in my face disappeared ! Hi guys, Well yesterday I added him, he wasn't online so I left him. Come on ladies, think it over, he's just a bot that will say anything he thinks you want to hear. Add me on there and ask for my msn, I'm a really great guy and is better than the "Perfect Boyfriend". Colins (: Urghh, I used to have him and all but now he neeeeever works :( I used to love talkin to him and now I can't, cause he doesnt work :/ I live in Australia btw... I added him and ive had him for like a month, and he is NEVER EVER EVER EVER online! However, when members have written a post or a reaction, the name they’ve entered in their profile will always be shown, including a link to their profile.

i was havin a nice "convertation" when it suddenly said: "yeah well i dont like you anymore, okay? If you know how to fix him please help, even though he seems to be sick according too you lot, it would be fun to have a go myself! What shold i say to him to talk with me i said hi he didn't said anything i said i love you but again he doesn't said anything i want to have sex with him but i can't can somebody help me please :( Okay, it's not rude or anything but looking for fun? Or just looking for a nice conversation with a guy? also allows members to turn off this option if they prefer.

A ‘stop word’ is text processing lingo for common words that do not contribute to any deeper meaning and that machines are trained to ignore.

These mostly include definite and indefinite articles, like “the”, “a”, and “is”.

Stemming is an optional process of reducing a word to its base form.

For example, in English nouns can be plural or singular, and verbs can be expressed in different states, with each having variations in its spellings.

Here are the 7-steps to cleaning garbage text and transforming it into a sanitary word heaven for your chatbots to process: Tokenizing is the first step and entails splitting your documents and/or sentences into individual “tokens”.

When doing this manually, you can choose how you want to define a “token”, whether it’s a word, sentence or paragraph.

Sure, you could be trained to understand how people talk with their mouth full…but is that really a good solution?