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Stay in denial though or hurry up and think of an excuse why he screwed her.

She tied him up and made him or she held him by gunpoint or she drugged him. Stupid women deserve what they get and Elvia your not any better than this Swinger because you lie for him and cover for him instead of dealing with it.

THE DIRTY ARMY: This lovely gal probably doesn’t need an introduction for most. I met him on broke up with his One gf when she found our messages…but we kept snapping each other & it was getting really good We were on our way to a full relationship. He’s some sort of pilot & always wanted to travel so he sucked in this poor girl who is a flight attendant. The crazy thing is when he flies out he hooks up with a bunch of randoms hence the multiple DRDs can we please put him on blast and remind him DRDS kills.i never wrapped it up when I stuck in his a55 either I doubt he has ever wrapped it up walking disaaster this mess is oh did I mention he is a fan of mdma which is how we fuked in the first place careful who you fly with this mess is a pilot –Barf THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. He’s one of the biggest conartist and pimp in Vancouver.

Anyone who knows her knows her legs spread easier than Kraft peanut butter. Uses her like there is no tomorrow I hope she knows I fuked his a55 & he sucks great d1ck less than a month ago to top it off I wanted to surprise him at his place only to find out he is living with a woman Cheated on every single girlfriend he has had. This piece of sh*t runs an illegal Asian where sex brothel called “My Companion” [mycompanion.ca] which has 6 locations all over Vancouver.

Perhaps good option for a quick hook up, assuming you aren’t discouraged by UTIs, Yeast Infections, habitual unprotected sex, pregnancy claims / abortion $ scams.

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Violent outbursts mixed with nearly every known personality disorder. then will accuse, lie, use, gaslight, provoke, and attempt to instigate a loud verbal / physical situation and will claim outrageous slanderous things in effort to blackmail you and even lie to police and play the victim card in efforts to put out fire with gasoline when she feels her leverage slipping.

I’ve never been so enraged by a person and their disgusting classless behavior.

Go back to Jamica THE DIRTY ARMY: Well here she is. Lolz Elvia your hella stupid this Swinger had sex with him and shes proud of it ask her.

Yea shes ugly but he doesnt care as long as shes a floozy. Felix is well aquainted with the group on Sls believe me. Shes one nasty floozy to , talks like trailor trash and probably smells like it to.

I won’t mention names but let’s just say they still have something in common. He dumped and sent away his last 40 years old Asian who turned into girlfriend when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, only to find another one of his slore into a new girlfriend.