And fellow Angel Lily Aldridge was correct when predicting, “I don’t think Erin’s gonna have any problems getting a man.” She’s been dating Australian musician Felix Bloxsom since April.After Di Caprio: ↔ The Leo Years: May 2013 to December 2014 The German beauty (then 20) endured her share of humiliation at the hands of the heartthrob.

At least Di Caprio can appear to stay on good terms with an ex like Rihanna, but it’s likely that the singer, at 30, is too old for him.

That’s because he turned up at her party with Argentinian model Camilla Morrone, who left her teen years behind last June.

But with impeccable red-carpet presence, a Leo-free Lively has lasting star power.

After Di Caprio: ↑ The Leo Years: January to October 2012 On paper, she was perfect: a blond, die-hard hoops fan and Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Perhaps it’s an aspect of Di Caprio’s desire to drink at the fabled fountain of youth that the 43-year-old continues to date beautiful young women.

Not only is Morrone just 20, her 41-year-old mother, actress Lucila Sola, is younger than he is. Mother and daughter have known Di Caprio for “many years,” which means that Di Caprio first got to know his new young girlfriend when she was, well, young. Sola is dating Di Caprio’s good friend Al Pacino, which means that she, too, is enjoying some of that older man dynamic. Given that Di Caprio and Pacino are dating the attractive mother and daughter, it could be fun to imagine the four of them on a multi-generational double-date, with Pacino at one end of the spectrum and the recently teenaged Morrone at the other. What’s a movie or piece of music on which they could all find common ground?

Serial modelizer Leonardo Di Caprio has split from Georgetown-educated Sports Illustrated model, Kelly Rohrbach after 9 months of dating.

While rumors circulated that the pair were engaged after they began seeing each other last April, it’s clear that their relationship status was far from rosy.

According to reports, they’ve been on the outs for at least a month.