French Stewart (as Inspector Gadget), Elaine Hendrix (as G2), Tony Martin (as Claw), Caitlin Wachs (as Penny), Mark Mitchell (as Chief Quimby), Sigrid Thornton (as Mayor Wilson), Bruce Spence (as Baxter), Alethea Mc Grath (as Mrs.

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He has a very simple, rational answer to this; " it's always the most quiet just before criminals strike". In a moment of overzealous crime fighting Gadget arrests an elderly women for wreckless driving, but not without incident.

In his effort to make the arrest Gadget's many crime fighting "accessories" go wildly astray.

Now their family is in Canada and the pets are all alone in San Fransisco.

They meet scruffy bully dogs and a gang of rebel dogs all abandoned and have started their own group.

Artemus Bradford (as Ren Auberjonois)), Frances Bay (as Thelma Burr), Mr.

T (as Himself), Richard Kiel (as Jaws, Famous Guy with Metal Teeth), Richard Lee-Sung (as Odd Job, Famous Villian with Deadly Hat), Bobby Bell (as Tattoo, Famous Identifier of Sea Planes (as Robert N. After a battle with a cyberthief leaves him critically injured, Brown's employer, Dr.

Now the family lives in San Fransisco and they're taking a vacation in Canada.

Only problem, the pets escape from the airport while being put in the cargo area of the plane.

The little old lady arrested earlier for wreckless driving turns out to be Quimby's mother.

Gadget is put on notice - any more mistakes and he is on probation.

Also looking for them is a "Blood Red Van" driven by bumbling dog catchers.