When the user puts information in the textboxs and clicks update I have an event handler to set up my query using @fieldname to dynamicaly create the query.

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However, if they rename the folder with Windows Explorer, the event receiver doesn't fire.

I am binding a Details View using Linq in my code-behind form. Count in my Item Updating event I have no key in the collection even though I editing data. However, the values in each control are available so what I need to do is create a new linq object and populated it with the values in my form and then call Submit Changes() on the linq object. According to some books I have the Data Context object must be persistent to be able to edit, update, delete and insert .

New Values[i], In the debugger I can see the keys but they are defined as non-public. With a subscription, you can access all the Cloud Class® courses to expand your education, prep for certifications, and get top-notch instructions.

Count in my Item Updating event I have no key in the collection even though I editing data." For some reason we are not given access to the keys of the collection but are allowed to change its values by using, e. That’s why we’re bringing professional training courses to Experts Exchange.

In above code execute_fill_datalist is a function created in Class1which is described below.

And insert_reg is a stored procedure made in backend.

Change the width of Text Box controls in an Edit Mode Details View Hi all! How can i change the width of textbox in edit mode on run-time?

Ideally, I would like the textbox to be multiline but I'll settle for width = 200 :)... Marco Minerva, [email protected] Sure, do something like this: protected void Details View1_Data Bound(object sender, Event Args e) Thanks, Ed Micro...

I tried various permutations of the Type Of and Get Type functions to no avail.