Recent versions of Android seem to have done away with a separate Android email app in favor of providing the Gmail app out of the box.This isn’t really all that surprising given that Google owns both Android and Gmail.A Facebook spokesperson told : “We investigated this situation as soon as it was brought to our attention, and disabled the page admin for maintaining multiple profiles on the platform.

Ian Mac Kay, a senior official with Australia’s National Union of Workers (NUW), allegedly helped set up and run the page titled simply “Black Lives Matter”, according to CNN.

The page, which has now been removed by Facebook, garnered almost 700,000 followers – more than twice as many as the official BLM page.

Domain records showed the latter was registered using Mr Mac Kay’s union email address in 2015.

Archive records on the site said it was created by Black Lives Matter to “share the news that mainstream media play down”, and that it was “not funded by any other BLM group, George Soros, Ford foundation or celebrity”.

Tim Kennedy, NUW’s national secretary, said: “The NUW has launched an investigation into claims made by a CNN report, and has suspended the relevant officials pending the outcome of an investigation.

“The NUW is not involved in and has not authorised any activities with reference to claims made in CNN’s story.” Fundraising campaigns associated with the Facebook page were suspended by companies including Pay Pal and Patreon, CNN reported, after they were contacted for comment.

Anyone who has ever used Gmail for business and who corresponds regularly with the same correspondents, within a thread, is likely to have run into this situation. (By the way, if you are using Gmail for business – or in fact any common mailer – be sure to read about why having email display a sender’s image and contact information is an invitation for scammers to scam you.) Here is how to have Gmail display the flat, unthreaded list of emails you have received, rather than the threaded, ‘conversation’ view. threading of your email messages) in the Gmail web viewer is very easy.

From your Gmail account, click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner, and go to Settings.

Gmail very ‘helpfully’ automatically puts all of your email threads in “conversation view” mode, meaning that every reply and subsequent email with the same subject line will be stacked under the original email in the thread (or, as Gmail explains it, “emails of the same topic are grouped together”).