Additionally, non-Citrix (full client) Notes users are unaffected by the drops. i'm aware of the ECL types, but the client side one can be modified by the user.The delay-write failure can be caused by the ECL trigger.. If the click to allow or trust signer doesn't happen in a second, then the write fails, and you have a delayed write error. What I was trying to get at is if the user cannot modify the file or it is being reverted back to older data then they may see ECL alerts for ones that were already trusted on the client-side.

deploying and updating workstation ecls-2deploying and updating workstation ecls-12deploying and updating workstation ecls-71

You can also deploy and maintain ECLs through the use of policies, which allow you to deploy create and deploy ECLs on a group or organizational basis, as well as define the frequency and extent to which workstation ECLs are updated.

is text that specifies the name of the administration ECL.

- Note: Although this is most-likely a Citrix-related issue, I am posting the question in the Lotus Notes section, since not all Citrix users utilize Notes..many Notes users utilize Citrix.

- We have been experiencing Lotus Notes users (accessing Notes via a Citrix published app') losing their Notes connections.

Have also confirmed NIC settings and drive capacities.

Get more info about an IP address or domain name, such as organization, abuse contacts and geolocation.

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does the Execution security alert happen only once or does it pop up again after x number of days, months etc.

Specify "" (null) if you have not named the administration ECL.

For example, for an unnamed administration ECL located in NAMES.

It almost seems like a network issue (somehow the connection is broken, and the applications are not able to write back in a timely fashion, and are dropped).