For example, my hair parts naturally on the left, so for this style, I parted it on the right. Middle-parters can flip in any direction they want!

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Occasionally, Superman's power levels were lessened to add drama, but the consistency of those vulnerabilities was spotty at best.

Making up for this were the engaging cast, a fair amount of wit, and most notably, the phenomenal chemistry between Cain and Hatcher.

L&C slots into a long line of imitators, mixing a "will they/won't they" romance with a few postmodern aspirations: Clark spends as much time chasing clues and mixing with his weird co-workers as he does battling evil, and his alter-ego is a frequent topic of Seinfeldian Conversations.

This breezy approach is reflected in the younger, attractive central cast: ): Superman rarely fought someone who was a physical match for him, with most villains either being secretive like Luthor or—much like the earlier George Reeves series — resorting to kidnapping innocents.

It's also one of the first superhero series aimed at women as much as men.

The show was simply known as Joey Bermuda: No, Cheryl Marie, you can not stay up past .

I also teased the mid-sections and ends of my hair in random places, to get a windblown effect. Golden-goddess long or Edie Sedwick short, Sienna Miller magically pulls it off with style. Luckily for us, it’s super-easy to achieve, even for straight, Asian hair like mine.

Perhaps Sia sang 'Clap Your Hands' to celebrate her electrifying, non-mumsy bob. How-To: Smooth mousse through your dry hair, for volume and grip. Grab hanks of your dry hair, and twist them back onto themselves, so that they resemble delicious pastry twists. Secure each twist with a hair clip, and then spritz with sea salt spray. During this time, I like to do my makeup and eat a biscuit.

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