It could see her hand over up to £2.5million of her fortune.She plans to celebrate turning 50 as the start of a fresh chapter.

Davina mccall the dating game video

Davina Mc Call has revealed that she is desperate for Streetmate to return for a brand new series – and as it happens, so are we!

The unpredictable dating show originally ran from 1998 to 2001, then returned six years later hosted by Holly Willoughby, with cameras following the matchmaking hosts as they visited cities all over the country to send unsuspecting contestants on impromptu blind dates.

“When I think of the drugs and the alcohol, and my sister dying, and knowing I got through all that, all of those things make you think, ‘Throw anything at me — I’ll be OK’.” Speaking to Red magazine, she admits she misses alcohol — despite realising that it led her toward drugs and could send her back into a destructive cycle. It’s just not worth it.” After starting out on MTV in the early Nineties, her big break came as the face of Channel 4’s Big Brother in 2000 — where her cheerful, lively style made her an instant hit.

She revealed in The Sun last November, a month after her 50th birthday, how she was splitting from former Pet Rescue presenter Matthew, who now has his own travel firm.

The TV presenter told her followers: “When you go on an adventure holiday with your husband who owns a travel company…” The sweet picture was liked over 6,000 times.

SHE’S beaten drug and booze troubles and been rocked by her sister’s death – so the end of her 17-year marriage could have been the final straw for Davina Mc Call.Matthew started out in TV, like his wife, hosting Pet Rescue and appearing in Sam’s Games.Pet Rescue was a TV series which aired between 19 and followed injured and abandoned animals which were rescued by the RSPCA and taken to new homes.Now before you hit rewind on the episode for the 189th time, you should probably know that Davina is completely supporting a Streetmate comeback, as she recently told Digital Spy: “Oh my God, I loved it so much! ”Davina – who has also hosted the likes of Big Brother, The Million Pound Drop and The Jump – explained how she immediately adjusted to the Streetmate style again.Copyright [Channel 4]“I’m hoping and praying that somebody from Channel 4 will go, ‘My God, that was good fun, let’s do some more’, but I just have to hold my breath and see. “Literally it was like the last 18 years never happened – it was just like being right back in it,” she continued.That came after she admitted the marriage had been “in a tough place” the year before.