In recent months, she has worked on a brand new mystery thriller movie; entitled Masks Don’t Lie.Denise Richards was one of the first women we met on Two and a Half Men, as she was living with Charlie before his brother and nephew moved in.In fact, 50 of Charlie’s past girlfriends turned up to his funeral to “spit on the body.” Yikes.

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She confirmed her split from Telv Williams last month after weeks of speculation.

But fortunately for Sarah Roza, she has the support of her girlfriends.

Instead, their house and their social lives became the bedrock of their existence, which involved parties, drama, comedy, and a load of women.

Over the course of Two and a Half Men, we were introduced to dozens upon dozens of women, who all made an appearance in Charlie, Alan, Walden and Jake’s beach house and lives.

However, his life took a slight detour when his recently divorced brother, Alan, and his son Jake burst his bachelor bubble and move into the house with him.

While you’d think that Charlie’s uptight and – slightly – mature brother would have had a positive effect on him, the opposite happened.

After their breakup, the actress and former model adopted another daughter and has continued to be a committed mother and actress.

In 2017, she appeared in numerous movies, including the crime drama, American Violence, and the thriller, American Satan – although she has so far not got any work lined up for 2018.

Of course, we will always remember the show for the male leads, but we couldn’t forget about the women who made an appearance in the beach house…

Two and a Half Men followed the lives of the titular bachelor and jingle writer, Charlie Harper, who lived in a beachfront Malibu house and spent most of his time entertaining women and polishing his ego.

Throughout most of his life, Charlie Sheen pursued the women in his life and used his charm to get them into bed.