Faça exercícios de inglês interativos sobre diferentes tópicos de gramática, vocabulário e interpretação de texto, todos com correção e respostas. To Be, Present Simple 2: conjugação Escolha a forma correta do verbo to be para cada subject pronoun.Nível de inglês: a maior parte dos exercícios é voltada para nível básico. 2 ———————————————————————- Subject Pronouns 1 use o pronome adequado Subject Pronouns 2 use o pronome adequado Subject and Object Pronouns 1: I, he, she… To Be, Present Simple: passe as frases para o interrogativo (yes/no) Passe as sentenças no present simple para a forma interrogativa. To Be, Present Simple: faça as perguntas para as respostas dadas (yes/no) To Be, Present Simple: forme perguntas com ———————————————————————- Present Simple 1 (vários verbos) Present Simple 2 (vários verbos) Present Simple 3 (vários verbos) Do, does, is, are 1 Do, does, is, are 2 Present Simple interrogativo: short answers Present Simple or Continuous Present Simple: Do or Make ———————————————————————- Present Continuous 1 Present Continuous 2 Present Continuous 3 ———————————————————————- There is, there are There is, there are (perguntas e negativas) There was, there were There was, there were (perguntas e negativas) ———————————————————————- To Be, Past Simple: is/are ou was/were?

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Don’t worry – I’m going to teach you a simple formula that works for asking questions in almost ALL the verb tenses!

To Be, Past Simple: afirmativo e negativo To Be, Past Simple: forme perguntas com ———————————————————————- Verbos regulares: simple past interrogativo Passe as sentenças no Simple Past Tense (verbos regulares) para a forma interrogativa.

Verbos irregulares: simple past afirmativo Escolha o verbo no passado que completa cada sentença corretamente.

“Aha,” he said, skewering me with his gimlet eye and leaning accusingly across the table, “and you’re dating to get material!

” He frowned disapprovingly as he settled back into his chair, chest puffed out.Should you ever go out with a CPA, tax accountant or any kind of bookkeeper–or do they have your number? For a moment I felt that I should be wearing a scarlet “W” around my neck for “Writer,” instead of Hester Prynne’s “A” for Adultery” in The Scarlet Letter, and offer immediate full disclosure about my disgraceful trade.Should you accept a coffee date with a psychoanalyst? Leaning across the table at Starbucks at my next coffee date and using the same tone of voice generally employed for “you have three days to live,” or “by the way, I just got out of Atascadero after completing my sentence for murder by reason of insanity,” I should make my confession. Will the former school teacher grade you then flunk you?Verbos irregulares: simple past negativo Passe as sentenças no Simple Past Tense (verbos irregulares) para a forma negativa.Simple Past: short answers Escolha a alternativa com a short answer correta para cada pergunta no Simple Past Tense.Present Perfect 4: for-since-ago Present Perfect vs.