Small decisions like decorating my apartment, or buying new furniture would turn in to a personal revolt.I wasn’t fully committed, which is the equivalent of embracing a life in transit.They move to Thailand, they move back home, and then they move to Thailand for good.

Not being able to communicate is a real pain in the balls. Even though Bangkok is an easy place to get by without speaking Thai, it’s impossible to fully enjoy the quirks and sideshows if you can’t speak the native tongue.

I’ll be taking a year of language classes in Bangkok. How do you settle abroad if you don’t know where your next visa extension is coming from?

There are mistakes I made in Thailand that held me back from ever calling it home.

When you are disconnected from friends and family for the first time, you imagine what’s going on without you.

All that you’ve been missing is a semi-occasional ‘catch up’ where everybody shares how little has actually changed. It’s a year since I arrived back in London and the only noticeable change is my own rising intolerance to the mundanity of these same old empty streets.

I am paying £1500/month to rent a house full of shagged fixtures, albeit in an area with good schools and a reasonable commute to Central London.

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It’s dirt cheap (only £500), and it gets me the education visa that takes care of another big stress… It’s frustrating enough having to exit Thailand every 90 days to get a new visa, but the situation is even worse when you have no guarantee that said visa application will be accepted.