For the same reason it is difficult to put all Australian women in one socio-cultural bracket.

Your female friend here may be a student or professional newly arrived from an Asian country or a third generation Aussie with ancestors from Middle East or a European country.

Kellyanne, a Melbourne wrestler who took part in a now-legendary feud with Dakota/Evie at Melbourne City Wrestling, is pleased to report that for the most part, retrograde ideas about women in wrestling are dying out."I've come across some trainers where they were telling me to do things differently, as a woman," she recalls."Now it's actually about your talent, and I hope that women keep doing what we're doing."As the Mae Young Classic steams towards its live grand final on 12 September, there will only be one inaugural winner, but one thing's for sure: this is just the beginning of a new ascendency in women's wrestling.

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Despite this, female wrestlers persisted, slowly clawing back some of the respect long afforded their male peers.

By the time a 2015 tag match between the Bella Twins and Paige and Emma lasted only 30 seconds, fans and wrestlers alike were fed up; a hashtag, #Give Divas AChance, spread like wildfire.

still enjoying life as an artist, lover of nature, good health, walking, swimming, biking.

Video ID: 20140523 044 M/S Women wrestling at Global Conflict tournament in Perth, Australia W/S Women wrestling SOT, Madison Eagles, Global Conflict wrestler (English): "The thing I love about getting in the ring with women, wrestling any kind of woman, is it is almost as good as tying my man up in the bedroom. I like to be dominant." M/S Wrestler Mercedes Martinez getting ready to compete W/S Women wrestling M/S Women wrestling W/S Women wrestling W/S Spectators W/S Mercedes Martinez after fight SOT, Global Conflict attendee (English): "[It's] so hot to see them moving around. It's sexier than lesbian porn." W/S Announcer and woman in ring W/S Spectators W/S Man and women in ring M/S Woman slapping man M/S Man ringing bell W/S Wrestlers at Global Conflict tournament in Perth, Australia SCRIPT Australia: Women's wrestling sexier than lesbian porn The gloves were off Friday at the Cockburn Youth Centre in the Australian city of Perth, as six women duked it out in the ring at the Global Conflict tournament.

If the idea of female wrestlers going hard on the canvas feels like an idea whose time has come, it wasn't ever thus, especially in WWE.

There were dark ages where women wrestlers had to portray sexy valets, psychopathic "managers", or wrestled in ho-hum matches treated as filler by crowds; at one point, the legendary Mae Young was reduced to featuring in a storyline where she gave birth to a hand.But once your Australian girl realizes that you are fair-minded in nature and know how to respect socio-cultural differences, she will be truly impressed and your acquaintance can start off on a happy note.Love of sports Like their male counterparts, Australian women too are avid sports fans.Respect multiculturalism One of the first things you will notice about Australian when you get here is that people of all colors are found to throng its urban streets.Australian society is thus composed of people from various races and for this reason is deeply multicultural.Around the turn of the century, the women of WWE began to be referred to as "divas", and despite the efforts of trailblazers like Chyna, Lita and Trish Stratus, "bra and panties" matches and "pillow fights" were often still the order of the day.