For all other purpose of payments, transactions must be sent directly to the beneficiary bank for processing and could cause some delays in settlement.

Clients can only purchase this currency for payments into country. Local restrictions require all payments to be converted onshore. The RBF delegates to Authorized Exchange Dealers (ADs) the authority to approve current payments and transfers up to specified limits.

Clients can only purchase this currency for payments into country. Documentary evidence is required for some payments.

This could include providing proof of identity and documents related to the POP (invoices, work permit for foreign payroll, etc.).

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) must keep up-to-date registration documents on file for all payments.

When it intervenes, the BI does not target a specific rate or maintain exchange-rate movements within a specific band; rather it provides liquidity to maintain market stability.

Transfers of IDR 500 million or more require supporting documents indicating the purpose and exact amount of each payment.

The Bangladeshi taka (BDT) is only convertible onshore and is only available for spot-deliverable payments.

The local market is open for trading Sunday through Thursday.

US Embassy does not accept payments in local currency for VISA's Payments to non-resident beneficiaries require central bank approval on case by case basis.