Ellen Hwang, Program Manager for Innovation Management, gathered a cross-departmental team to achieve this goal. Commercial Service programs to help Smart City exporters connect with buyers around the world. Whether it’s smart, green or safe mobility, The Netherlands is home to many hotbeds of innovation and expertise ranging from car sharing, Maa S solutions, EV vehicles, autonomous driving living labs, smart traffic control systems and smart signs.

During the workshop, Ellen will take participants through each step of Philadelphia’s Smart City strategy development: from issuing an RFI for new ideas that could better utilize existing assets, to creating a cross-departmental RFI review team to review submissions, to hiring a consulting team to develop a Smart City roadmap. Department of Commerce for an informative workshop on exporting Smart City products and solutions. In this workshop we invite city officials, planners, and other international mobility interest groups to learn the secrets the our success by offering simple, affordable and fast techniques to create a variety of smart mobility solutions.

From a financial perspective, we will discuss how it can drive up property values and help building owners command higher rental rates.

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The Urban Tech Hub is proud to welcome visiting international companies that are taking part in Smart Cities NY 2018 to join us at our midtown Manhattan office for networking with other urban tech companies as you prepare for the conference.

At the heart of our work is a simple insight: policy and services must, wherever possible, go with the grain of human behavior.

Our workshop will give urbanists tools to understand how people actually interact with new policies, services and technologies.

The book is essentially a guidebook for transforming and positioning government to fully embrace new innovative approaches to municipal service delivery.

Kleiman will be joined by senior government administrators and similarly urban focused grantmakers.

Join NYU Professor Neil Kleiman Professor as he discusses his new book, A New City O/S: The Power of Open, Collaborative, and Distributed Governance.

Based on dozens of successful local efforts, the book propose a new operating system (O/S) for cities, building on the giant leaps that have been made in technology, social engagement, and big data.

In the Nordics, a smart and sustainable building is one that contributes to increased well-being and employee productivity and, in turn, contributes to lower health costs among other benefits.