Most vintage bedding comes from an era of eiderdowns and blankets, so it is rare to find a duvet cover.

Making a cover from old sheets is simple, cost-effective and allows you to create something unique that will work with your other bedding.

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Dating vintage wallpaper video

Explore such ranges as the Woodville Wallpaper collection launched with the fabric collection of same name in 2014 which has a real classic Zoffany look with some traditional wallpaper designs, but with a lush contemporary colour pallette. Delve further into their Prism wallcoverings for textured wallcoverings following the success of ranges like Akita and Elementi.

In 2016 they launched Akaishi wallpaper range which are textural wallcoverings with a Japenese influence, and London themed Pahedra Wallpapers.

Cut the paper into equal squares and use wallpaper paste to hang.

➜ Cut panels of paper to fit the fronts of drawers on a storage chest.

Rather than throw away an old teapot with a chipped spout or a few cracks, why not repurpose it – with the addition of plaster of paris – into a bookend? You can spend a long time in very close proximity to an ironing board every week; and most of the time the surfboard of the laundry world has to perch somewhere in the home, often in view.

Why not make your ironing board cover as beautiful as it functional?Click here to return to the page you were visiting.Reclaiming fabric that has been used as curtains or bedding is a good alternative to that rare find of a bolt or yardage of unused vintage material.Cookies are important to the proper functioning of a website.We use cookies to enhance website performance and to monitor website traffic.This shade is made from material from an old skirt.