The spread of culture led by such notions as the Christian tradition, liberal expansionism, and Wilsonian internationalism was contemporaneous to the spread of democracy around the world in the 20th century.

Particularly during the Cold War, as both eastern and western blocs were facing off in fierce ideological warfare, cultural Americanization was deeply imbricated by an American value system.

These films have now lost that capacity, which can be clearly observed in the responses of Japanese film critics and audiences alike.

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This film does not manage to instill an American value system in the viewer, but is an example of a reversal in which a Hollywood film leads to a critical analysis of the American government's global policy.

Thus, viewers are overcoming the message of the classic Hollywood war film.

An undercurrent of protest against the brutalities of war and deep skepticism toward American military policies runs through these films.

At the time that they appeared, Vietnam War movies had a great impact and their influence still remains.

The influence of Americanization had begun its work in Japan in the 1930's.

Hollywood films such as "Stagecoach"(1939) directed by John Ford, were being shown in movie theaters, and Filipino bands playing on cruise ships sailing to foreign destinations introduced jazz to Japanese passengers.Yet, at the present moment with the publicizing of the possibility of an American attack against Somalia because of suspicions of terrorist activity, it is necessary to be aware about such things."Blackhawk Down" touchingly depicts the camaraderie between the American soldiers on the one hand, while easily devaluing the lives of the Africans on the other.Even though so many Somalis had died, while watching the film my sympathies were drawn toward the American soldiers.I think that's what's so frightening about films," (male in his 30's).Among the various types of cultural Americanization, popular culture captured the hearts of those in this "liberalist" world, and the acceptance of American popular culture helped these countries also embrace the military and diplomatic forms of Americanization.